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IMX515: media player issue

Question asked by rita yang on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by Yixing Kong

we met imx515 WINCE Media player issue ,multimedia version is 11.04 .

question 1: when met Video decoding error, the Player programs has not responding,


>>> FSLVPUDshow:  Decodesample failed hr=80004005

>>> FSLVPUDshow: Error in Receive

PostFailureMsgToUser 1 failed 0x80004005


failed at m_pVPUDecoder->QueryVPUStatus(); in FSLVPUDshow::StopStreaming() ;


question 2: when video play to the end, the program can not automatically jump the next video:

to the end>>> FSLVPUDshow: OnEOS,

but app can not get the EC_COMPLETE,


below is VPU information:

     VPU Firmware Version =>  product: MX51 f00a | version: 0001.0004.00000028

     MPEG4PARSER_06.04.05_WINCE  build on Sep 30 2011 15:10:05