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Problem with I2C in low power Run mode

Question asked by Amreen Sayyed on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by vicentegomez


I am using kl25Z128 freedom board.

I have configured the controller for 2 configuration as

configuration 0 : PEE (With external crystal) 48Mhz core clock

Configuration 1 : BLPI (With internal crystal) 4Mhz


I want to use the I2C in both the configuration.

But when i am selecting internal frequency for I2C with both configuration enable.

It is not showing any values to select as there are no common frequencies in both configuration.


For this i made the changes in the CPU clock setting i changed the bus clock and core clock but i am getting the same result.

I have face the same problem with timer.


Is it possible to operate the I2C with BLPI mode?

If yes what changes i need to do in CPU setting?

Is is possible for SPI also?