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K10 SRAM size

Question asked by LPs on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by Perla Andrea Moncada Fajardo

Hi all,

  I found something that is not OK for me on Kinetis K10.

I'm using a kinetis MK10DX256ZVLQ10 and the manual says that it has 64Kb of SRAM.

In the manual is wrote that that size is the total RAM available.


Due to my linker script error, my application is using 128K from 0x1FFF0000 to 0x2000FFFF.


The thing that is not OKis that the application is working and I don't know if is only lucky or if there is 64Kb x2 block.


As the manual says the SRAM for this microcontroller has to be from 0x1FFF8000 to 20007FFF.


Is it a manual error?