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run u-boot from nand (stored in PBI)

Question asked by t.alex on Apr 24, 2014
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I following the instructions in Infocentre, under U-boot-> eSPI/SD/NAND boot but it does not seem to work.


My platform is P3041DS, and I stored the PBL.bin into NAND. I also configured SW1 and SW7 as per the instruction on the page.


However the UART console shows nothing. To have another to check if u-boot is running, in PBI  I set GPIO18 to high and at the beginning of  start_e500, at set GPIO18 to low. However the state of the pin still remains high.

Here is extract of the PBI code from codewarrior:


#set gpio18 to output hi

09130000 00002000

09130008 00002000


09138000 00000000

091380C0 00000000



#Clear CPC1

09010000 00200400

09138000 00000000

091380c0 00000100

#Initialize CPC1 as 1MB SRAM

09010100 00000000

09010104 fff0000b

09010f00 08000000

09010000 80000000

#Configure LAW for CPC1

09000d00 00000000

09000d04 fff00000

09000d08 81000013

09000010 00000000

09000014 ff000000

09000018 81000000

#Flush data

09138000 00000000

091380c0 00000000

#u-boot part


#Flush data

09138000 00000000

091380c0 00000000




Is there any other things I should do? Anybody successfully tried out as instructed from the page?