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IAR Embedded debug problem with OpenSDA Pemicro on vybrid tower

Question asked by Ahmed RIDA on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Timesys Support

Hello everyone,


I'm a new owner of a tower kit vf65gs10, and I'm trying to compile a simple MQX hello example on IAR Embedded, but I'm getting some problems to make it.

I have already compile all the libraries as mentionned in the getting started guide with IAR.

I've also installed the firmwares of Pemicro, I put the board in bootloader mode then I drag and drop the cmsis-dap file.

I don't know exactly wich file I'm supposed to put in the bootloader.

I configure IAR options as following :

- Debugger -> PEMicro

- Run to main

- Attach to running target

Then I click debug and I have several messages depending on the configurations I put but it never works :




Or sometimes this one when I try to run the example on A5 Core of m board :





But when I hit Connect that only reset my board and I still can't connect to debug.


I really don't know how to solve this, anyone can help me ?

Thank you in advance.