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CW 7.3 for 56800E - Question about Library

Discussion created by Giacomo Petrini on Aug 23, 2007
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I'm (still) using CW 7.3 for 56800E.
I've two question about writing libraries (in C):

1) I like to see the asm produced by the compiler to see if I can ehnance the asm by modyfing the C code. Usually when I write a normal program in the asm file produced is written, in the form of comment, the C code. But in the asm produced when I write a Library there is no C code. Why? I was not able to find in the preferences if there is a flag or something else to enable/disable, in order to see che C code in the asm file.

2)There is a way to see the C code after the preprocessor processed it. Because I'm writing some complex macros, and I would like to see the result.

Thanks Bye Jack

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