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IMX53 not booting from NOR

Question asked by Bruno De Paoli on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by igorpadykov

I am attempting to boot the iMX53 from parallel NOR flash but it is failing to boot. It looks like it is failing early on in the boot process because I can see it is eventually attempting to boot over USB.

It's an Android based platform and the boot code is based on the ARD platform (Android R10.2). Booting from an SD card works OK and the modifications to boot from NOR were based on the SD bootloader. The main change is to move the offset of the code from 0x400 to 0x1000 (from the base of NOR). I've examined the contents of the Image Vector Table and also compared it to the SD card IVT image and, based on my understanding, they look correct. The boot mode pin settings are correct as far as I can tell.


The principle change I've made to the SD card boot code is to move the offset from 0x400 to 0x1000. I would expect everything else to remain pretty much the same. I appreciate the information is a bit miminal right now but perhaps someone can point to something obviously wrong with my thinking or suggest something to move things forward.