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Why there is still MQX for TWRPXD10, TWRPXN20, TWRPXS20 and TWRPXS30 (in version 4.1) ?

Question asked by Maciek on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by soledad

There are still, in version 4.1 of MQX:

PSPs, BSPs and project wizards for discontinued TWRPXD10, TWRPXN20, TWRPXS20 and TWRPXS30 (for discontinued PX family).

I know that these microcontrollers have their counterparts in Quorivva family. What is Freescale's intent in this matter ? Can we use these PSPs and BSPs for new projects with Quorivva counterparts ?

I'm asking because earlier we have developed some code with TWRPXS30 and we are thinking about using it (as is - without any porting) in a new project with Quorivva.

By the way - it is hard to find information what parts in quorivva family are the counterparts of the older PX processors. How can I we get this information ?