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Unable to write ZMK (ZMK_WSL=1)

Question asked by Ryan McGinnis on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Ryan McGinnis

I've been able to successfully setup HAB on our board with a V1.1 Vybrid processor.  I'm able to boot a application that has been signed with the CST.  However after booting my signed application I'm  unable to set the SNVS ZMK.  The problem is that SNVS_HPLR - ZMK-WSL = 1.


When I read the text for that for that field it says the following:


How do I clear the Write Soft Lock with a "system reset"?    I've tried issuing a SW Reset from the SRC without any luck.






Below is a dump of SNVS registers immediately after boot.


Secure boot enabled


HAB Configuration: 0xcc HAB State: 0x99

No HAB Failure Events Found!


0x400a7000 = 0x00000001

0x400a7004 = 0x00002020

0x400a7008 = 0x00000000

0x400a700c = 0x00000000

0x400a7010 = 0x00000000

0x400a7014 = 0x80000d00

0x400a7018 = 0x00000000

0x400a701c = 0x00000000

0x400a7020 = 0x00000000

0x400a7024 = 0x00000000

0x400a7028 = 0x00000000

0x400a702c = 0x00000000

0x400a7030 = 0x00000000

0x400a7034 = 0x00000000

0x400a7038 = 0x00000000

0x400a703c = 0x00000000

0x400a7040 = 0x00000000

0x400a7044 = 0x00000000

0x400a7048 = 0x00000000

0x400a704c = 0x00000008

0x400a7050 = 0x00000000

0x400a7054 = 0x00000000

0x400a7058 = 0x00000000

0x400a705c = 0x00000000

0x400a7060 = 0x00000000

0x400a7064 = 0x00000000

0x400a7068 = 0x00000000

0x400a706c = 0x00000000

0x400a7070 = 0x00000000

0x400a7074 = 0x00000000

0x400a7078 = 0x00000000

0x400a707c = 0x00000000

0x400a7080 = 0x00000000

0x400a7084 = 0x00000000

0x400a7088 = 0x00000000

0x400a708c = 0x00000000