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Unable to detect GPIO based touch sensing on FRDM-KE02Z

Question asked by Francesco Prosperi on Apr 18, 2014

Hi all,


I am testing GPIO based touch sensing on the FRDM-KE02Z board, which

features a two-electrodes analog slider.


In the Quick Start Package, I have found the precompiled example (shipped

with the board), but I'd like to recreate it at least for the sensing side using

Processor Expert.


I've tried to configure the TSS v3.1 to use the two electrodes with the GPIO

based algorithm. Attacched is the TSS_SystemSetup.h generated by Processor



I've added to the project the WAIT component (provided by Eric Styger) and the

FREEMASTER component.


The main routine is something like this:


  /*** Processor Expert internal initialization. DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE!!! ***/


  /*** End of Processor Expert internal initialization.                    ***/


  /* Write your code here */

  /* For example: for(;;) { } */


  ICS_C3 = 0x4b;

  test_counter = 0;@










The FREEMASTER program is working fine as I can see test_counter variable updating.


As PMP I am using the one shipped with the TSS library (GUI), that is convenient

for the plotting enhancement and the panels (electrodes and controls).


The communication is good but in the electrodes page, I see no electrodes (no rows).

The controls page is also dead.


Could you please check the attached configuration for (stupid) errors?


If you need any other info, let me know.



By the way, is there an example project for the KE02Z with touch sensing?



Thanks for your time,

Francesco Prosperi

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