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Processor expert code generation script error with DAC

Question asked by Massimo Cristofolini on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Cristian Zamfirescu


I am trying to use the DAC using the micro controller MCF51MM256CLK with code warrior.

I've added the Init_DAC component from Peripheral Initialization.

Generating the processor expert code I obtained this error:

ERROR: Unexpected status of the scripts: Drivers\HCS08\Init_DAC_HCS08.rgi

I also noticed that in the list of supported item the MCF51MM256CLK is not listed, while I can find MCF51MM256_80/81/100/104. I don't know if the MCF51MM256CLK can be use anyway.


Could someone help me to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance!