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use Mavlink protocol with Codewarrior IDE

Question asked by mauricio fernandez montoya on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hi!  i been trying to use Mavlink headers into my project, based on MCF51JM128 microcontroller.

here's the webpage for this development:



following instructions from this page: i tried to include all necesary headers to my project.  as i couldn't add them as a folder to search into, i'd to add each header for this project, by hand.

this is how it looks adding all headers by hand.  any way to add them as they come in the original project, within folders?


bases on examples of Mavlink, i called a function mavlink_msg_heartbeat_pack(), supposed of charging some information to a comm buffer.Imagen2.png

  trying to call a message routine from a header, i got this error messages:



its well known that Mavlink works flawless with PIC and ARDUINO based systems. i would like to install this libraries as they're stateless; they doesn't depends of MCU registers or operations.



any idea?


thank you