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Is there a way to disable NMI on MK64FN1M0VMD12?

Question asked by James Vasil on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by James Vasil

I am using PEx 10.4 to configure the processor on a TWR-K64F120M module.  I would like to read SW3 using the GPIO but the switch is wired into GPIO A4 which is also used as the NMI input.  After some searching, I found that there are actually TWO check boxes for the NMI under the CPU component.


One of these is at CPU > Properties > CPU interrupts/resets > Non-maskable interrupt.  This one I CAN uncheck.


The second is at  CPU > Properties > Common settings > NMI pin: This one I cannot uncheck (the selection is grayed out but checked).


The datasheet for the processor seems to say that this pin is not dedicated for use as NMI so I don't see a reason that I cannot disable the NMI--is this an issue in PEx?  Is there a way for me to use this pin as GPIO?