Diego Pomares

Keyboard Interruptions in S08QG8

Discussion created by Diego Pomares on Aug 22, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by David Payne
Hello everyone, i have a doubt:

I've set the 4 pins of PortA to work with KBI, but in the datasheet only is stated that when one of the interruptions ocurr, the bit KBF in the register KBISC is set to 1, but how can i know which of the 4 pins caused the interruptions?

My best guess is to read them from PTAD but the Device Initializator won't let me set the KBI pins at the same time as PTAD inputs, is that normal?

Well and finally, i haven't the multilink cable yet, so im using Full Chip Simulation to test the program meanwhile, so, how can i simulate a keyboard interrupt from there?

Thanks in advance

(too much questions i know, but i always stick to the datasheet info, and doesn't say anything about)