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MPC5516 Flash Programming Through Nexus/JTAG

Question asked by trevor lin on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by Rebecca Oostdyk

Hi all,

I'am currently working on a project on an mpc5516 microcontroller.

after reference AN3283 ( MPC5500 Flash Programming Through Nexus/JTAG )

I have complete basic function ( include single step, GPR access, SPR access, OnCE Memory Access ).

but I have problem about run H7F SSD .


1. initial MMU

2. Initial SRAM

3. upload Standard Software H7F Driver to internal SRAM .

   ( I chose VLE type driver )

4. verify H7F driver whether correct or not ?

   ( in this step , all of data are same as previous upload )

5. pointer R1 to stacktop

6. pointer R3 to SSD_flashconfig

7. pointer PC to FlashInit address minus 4

8. start GO and Exit by OnCE Command 

9. polling E200z1 core return to debug mode .

   at this time, e200z1 doesn't return to debug mode .


If anyone has experience about this issue, please help us to solves this issue.


Thanks a lot,