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Bootloader as a separate application

Question asked by Felipe Traesel on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Felipe Traesel

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I have a question: I've done a separate bootloader application for my code. So, in one project, I've build an .S19 file with the bootloader and transformed it into a .bin file.

Then, in a second project, I simply add the .bin file in the linker, (in the correct SECTION, I add the command INCLUDE xxxx.bin).

Both applications (bootloader and code) has USB hosts and FAT files treatment.

It is working properly, by the way.

The main issue is: as they are separate applications, both allocate room for the USB and FAT libraries, making the program too big, because the libraries are allocated in the bootloader section (a closed .bin file) and in the code section.

Is there a way of reutilizing the code? Or maybe another way of making the bootloader libraries visible to the main code?


Thank you in advance,