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Question asked by JIMMY CHEN on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Joan Xie

Hi Sir,


I found android API in the Android_codec_release_note as below . The "setPlaySpeed" is only for audio track ? Or it can make the video frame rewind/forward ?




6 Extend Android Multimedia Framework APIs
In Jelly Bean, Freescale has extended only one Android API, set playback speed.
/* trick mode */
* Set playback speed.
* @param Speed[] contains only one item which is normalized speed multiplied by 0x10000
* Range of normalized speed is:
* [-16,-2] means rewind, [0.1, 16] means fast forward, step is 0.1
* when normalized speed is [0.1, 1.9] audio is outputted, otherwise audio
* is not outputted.
* After this function call returns, result speed is stored in Speed[0], to show whether
it succeeds or fails.
public native void setPlaySpeed(int[] Speed);