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iMX51 and SGTL5000

Question asked by Stefano Mora on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Justin Jiang

Hi there,

my board is based on iMX51 + 13892 and WinEC700.

The board has a docking base that allow to connect the board to the wall charger.

Sometimes happen that if i insert the board on the base, the sound (based on SGTL5000) stops to work.

Other effect is that I'm not able to switch off the board via software.

I debugged the problem adding serial debug outputs on the sound driver: when i run a sound i always see the couple of event BSPAudioStartDAC() + BSPAudioStopDAC().

When the problem is on, i only see the call to BSPAudioStartDAC() and then no more other output for the audio driver.


Any idea?