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Can't secure device. MK20DN128VLF5

Question asked by Alex Stefan on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Alex Stefan

Hello all,


We've finalized our first project with the Kinetis line and now is time to go into production, but ran into problems with securing the device:


1. First of all, even after enabling security in Processor Expert, the flash configuration byte was set to:

/* NV_FSEC: KEYEN=1,MEEN=3,FSLACC=1,SEC=3 */     0x77U,


which wasn't correctly written in flash. We've got around that by changing the SEC bits from 10 to 00, an issue described in another thread on this forum.


2. After fixing the first problem, we've run into another error, this time related to the configuration file used by Segger JLink.




CodeWarrior Version: 10.5 (free edition)

JLink Version: 4.74


Has anybody else run into this sort of issue before?