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White balance on Freescale i.MX6 Dual

Question asked by Florian D on Apr 15, 2014
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I'm new to Freescale processors and I would like to connect an image sensor with a dual core i.MX6 processor. The sensor I want to use does not provide an internal automatic white balance. In the i.MX6 Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual it says, that the Image Converter (IC) performs various operations on a stream including color correction. Unfortunately it seems that this color correction only includes adjustments of color saturation. Did I maybe miss this white balance/color correction feature in the document?


In order to perform a software-based white balance handling by myself, I would need to get the color of each pixel and depending on this result, I would have to apply more or less gain to the color gain registers, right? Due to the fact, that this is really time and resource consuming, I would like to handle the white balance using the internal components of the i.MX6.


As far as I've seen, the i.MX6 also supports OpenGL ES and OpenCL. Do you think it is possible to use OpenGL or OpenCL to handle the white balancing? To be honest, I have no experience with OpenGL or OpenCL at all.


I searched the community postings but I could not find an answer to this or a similar issue. Did I miss a topic or has this question never been asked?



Many thanks in advance for your help.




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