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PMIC startup

Question asked by alessandro piscozzo on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by alessandro piscozzo

Hello guys!

I've been implementing a board with i.MX6 processor.


I'm going to embed the Freescale's PMIC (PM0100) and I see from the design reference "MCIMX6Q-SMART DEVICE BOARD" that they are using the "MMPF0100NPEP" which is the NON PROGRAMMED device.


My question is:


1) in the schematic VDDOTP is tied to GND by a 10k, and the datasheet of the MMPF0100NPEP says: "The OTP configuration is enabled by connecting VDDOTP to GND.

For NP devices, selecting the OTP configuration causes the PF0100 to not start-up"


2) the MMPF0100NPEP gives the power supply to all the board (U9, the LDO that generates VSNVS, is not populated)


How is that possible that the i.MX6 can program the PF0100 before it can start?

I see that VSNVS is also generated by the PF0100.


Thank you in advance.