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68K/Coldfire board LINK problem with Opera Web browser

Discussion created by Wolfgang Wegner on Aug 22, 2007
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I am not sure if this is the right place...

I am also using opera (9.22 Build 8801 on WinXP) and have some weird problem with the forum (68k/COLDFIRE in my case). It looks as if the whole lower part of the page except the main page has some "overlay" that causes any klick being interpreted as a link to the main page, i.e. when navigating somewhere in a message thread, I can not follow any link.

As an example, this happens when I try to read the thread "TBLCF open source debugging cable". When I open the first page, I see the links to the 2nd and 3rd page, but clicking on them brings me to the M68K/Coldfire main page. The same applies to the "Reply" and other function links on these pages. (My answer to the last posting was made by guessing the message ID...)

In case I can provide any more information to solve this, please let me know!

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