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Installing MFS on an unformatted drive?

Question asked by Sean MacKay on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by Sean MacKay

I am having trouble installing MFS on unformatted Flash memory.


I can access the memory with FlashX, and write and read from it directly.

I can install the Partition Manager over it, and attempt to install MFS on top of that, and can sometimes get MFS to format the underlying flash, but it will not read or write files at that point.


I am wondering if the issue is that on the FlashX I am not creating a partition, just installing the Partition Manager over a disk with no MRB, partition data, or anything else. MFS was able to format the disk space to some degree, but only after I had written content with flashX and it was never working properly.


Are there any application notes or examples which take unformatted memory, and create partitions then MFS installs? All the MFSUG examples assume you're working on an SD card or other memory that has been formatted by an external system.