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Vybrid Mfg_Tool Released

Discussion created by Ross Mcluckie Employee on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by Edward Karpicz

Hi all,


Thought this was worth a new separate thread, appreciate over time there have been several threads on this topic, but hopefully this is the last.


The Vybrid GA release of the Mfg_Tool is now available for download on, can find a link to it on any of the VF6, VF5 or VF3 web pages, under the Software & Tools tab, Programmers section.




Support is for TWR board, A5 only, SD, NAND and QuadSPI (parallel mode not supported), uBoot source for customisation included in the archive, there are no further development plans at this time, this is currently expected to the the final Vybrid Mfg_Tool release.