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USBDM on CubieTruck/Lubuntu

Question asked by Thierry Maldague on Apr 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Thierry Maldague

Dear PGO,


I am currently trying to run HCS08_FlashProgrammer on a small CubieTruck computer - CPU: Allwinner A20 dual armhf A7 core -  running under Lubuntu.


I downloaded the USDBM source files from Github and then compiled them and got without any problem the Flashprogrammer/GDBservers executables and usbdm librairies.


When I launch HCS08_Programmer, the USBDM hardware is correctly detected, but the target chip is not detected. I have “Invalid Database” in the “Device selection field” (without the possibility of choosing a device: no drop-down list). All other fields seems OK.


Please have you an idea of the problem?  Is a particular file missing?


Best regards