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Does LCD 4bits/pixel TFT(480*272) mode of K70 work?

Question asked by Mark Lee on Apr 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Anthony Huereca

I am trying to active the following LCD,


   1. use 4 bits per pixel TFT mode

   2. RAM buffer is set to 0x20000000 (SRAM_U start address)

   3. Per K70 datasheet, the total RAM buffer for LCD is 4 bits * 272* 480 = 64KByte.

       So I use all the SRAM_U(64K) as the RAM buffer.


My question are,

   1. I didn't find any limitation of this configuration in document, but this configuration can work?

   2.  I set relative configuration in LCDC registers, but it seems not works.

        I fill all the SRAM_U buffer to ZERO, but only 1/6(1/8) LCD pannel displays color...

         The other 5/6 keeps the same condition.

Thanks for  help!