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Can the i.mx6 VPU encode H.264 with CABAC residual entropy encoding?

Question asked by Joseph Olivier on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by jamesbone

I am producing video using an i.mx6 targeted for digital televisions. It appears that some TVs do not support H.264 baseline profile.


More specifically, some TVs appear to have trouble decoding the residual component of slices. After some thorough investigation, it appears that the H.264 Baseline Profile encodes residual frame data using a different entropy encoding (CAVLC, Context-Adaptive Variable-Length Coding) than the H.264 Main Profile (CABAC, Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding). This is an extremely big problem with my application.


Is it possible for the i.mx6 VPU to encode residual data using CABAC, and thus meet some of the Mainline Profile? Enough to convince Mainline-only TVs to decode the video? Even though we only expect Baseline-level performance from the i.mx6 VPU?