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DSPI Issues related to the DMA Usage ?

Question asked by George Pontis on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by George Pontis

The MQX 4.1 Release Notes, section 5.25, page 26 is "DSPI Issues related to the DMA Usage". In here it is stated that DSPI may not work properly if there is some other user of eDMA besides it. This is attributed to a silicon issue.


I don't see anything related to this in the chip errata for the K60. However, my application uses seven channels of DMA. Of those several interact with SPI1 and others touch ADC0 and the flexbus. I am using my own drivers and DMA code for all this, not those in MQX.


So far, and with limited testing, it seems to work. But this concerns me. Is there is specific case that is problematic. Is there any further documentation on this problem?