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how to dirctly intall ubuntu in a SD card to iMX6Q and then install qt?

Question asked by panpan li on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by Justin Jiang

I'm a fresh to linux and i.MX6,now I have ported xubuntu12_04-4 to iMX6Q in a 16G SD card using a tool called MX6Q-SABRE_AI_UBUNTU_1.1.1 which  do Self-Extracting Image File,the OS can start up,but the problem is when I check the SD card under linux,I can only see  one partition,and the whole space is about 3.6 G and the free space is about 1.6G , although the total space showed is still about 16G,it seems about 12G space is missing,why?since  I still need to install qt in ubuntu on i.MX6,so what should I do?shall I look for a new way to install ubuntu to i.MX6?what should I do to use get the full space of SD card so I can install some software?and I also have no ideas about how to install qt directly in i.MX6,just get qt-everywhere,untar,configure,make,make install? I am sorry for asking so many basic questions,but I really need helps,please help a fresh,thank you very much!!