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Issues when connecting a Innolux-LCD to DISP0/LCD on a SabreSD board.

Question asked by Hans Rönnbäck on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by Hans Rönnbäck

We are trying to connect a Innolux LCD to the DISP0/LCD port on a SabreSD board, but when booting Android a few issues are present:

  • On "cold boot" only the blue channel is active on the port (no data is present on red and green channels).
    When booted and Android is running, if we put Android into sleep mode and come back, the colors work as they should.
  • The screen is offset to the "left". Using a oscilloscope we can see that RGB-data is zeroed for the last 56 clock cycles when DRDY/DE is high.
    Its as if the pixel data is unaligned with the DRDY/DE-signal (but not present when DRDY/DE is low).

Has anyone else seen the same behavior or have a clue on what can be wrong?


We have modified mxc_lcdif.c and defined a our Innolux-LCD with correct values (according to the display datasheet). We have also defined fb3 as our LCD in board-mx6q_sabresd.c

And we have verified that the timing is correct using a oscilloscope.