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About Boot Configuration of i.MX6

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I want to check about i.MX6Q.

Thank you to answer the following questions.


①BOOT_CFG1[4] ("Override Pad Settings")

Do you match in recognition of the following ?

Set "0" - To use the settings of the config terminal.(GPIO)

Set "1" - To use the settings of PAD_SETTINGS register.


②BOOT_CFG1[4] ("Override Pad Settings")

The use of the setting PAD_SETTINGS register , do you when you select the "toggle mode NAND" in BT_TOGGLEMODE?


③BOOT_CFG2[7:5] ("Toggle Mode - Latency")

What should be selected if you have selected the "raw NAND" in "BT_TOGGLEMODE"?


④BOOT_CFG2[4:3] ("Boot Search Count")

Please tell me how to use it.

What do a setting to do what for the condition?



There is a difference by BOOT_CFG1 [1:0] in P359 "Table 5-9.NAND Boot Fusemap" and P411 "Table 8-11.NAND Boot eFUSE Descriptions".

Which is correct ?