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Problems with source codes of TWR-K60F120M

Question asked by Kenan SUN on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Wayne Halcomb



I'm using the evaluation board TWR-K60F120M and I try to start from creating a project with source codes within the "KINETIS_120MHZ_SC" package.


What I tried to do is that:

  • Create a "Bareboard Project" in CW10.6 without Processor Expert;
  • Attach files, as well as their folders to the created project; (copy to the workspace not link to)
  • Add relative Include paths to the project;
  • Add definition lines of platform : #define TWR_K60F120M;
  • Add definition line in order to include cw.h: #define CW


After that, I build the project, then there are more than 500 errors occurring, most of which are in the file ''cstddef.h' or "cstdint.h". The error hint is like:

  • Multiple makers at this line:
    • 'path/to/the/file' declaration for parameter 'name_of_param' but no such parameter;
    • 'path/to/the/file' storage class specified for parameter 'name_of_param'


I've ever tried to import an easy "helloword" project as contrast, but I cannot figure out why there are so many errors. (In fact several errors even occurred in the fpu_asm.s file, so I eliminated it to pass compile. But I don't understand why there are errors in the example project...)


OK, so my question is:

  • How to get rid of these errors if I just want to create a project including nothing but the basic drivers, cpu files, etc.?
  • Is there any tutorial exactly about that?


Note that I'm using CodeWorrior 10.6 version. I'm not going to use Processor Expert or MQX tool kit in my project.


Thanks very much!!