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execute asm from linux user space

Question asked by Rama Krishna Katta on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Scott Wood

I have written simple program and compile with all environment settings which are mentioned in SDK. But still getting error as


Illegal instruction


/opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.5/sysroots/i686-fsl_networking_sdk-linux/usr/bin/ppce5500-fsl_networking-linux/powerpc-fsl_networking-linux-gcc asm.c -o myasm


static inline int ppc_get_msr (void)


int value;

asm volatile ("mfmsr %0" : "=r" (value));

return (value);


int main()


unsigned int value;

value =  ppc_get_msr();