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I can't integrate Freemaster with Touch Sensing Software (TSS)

Question asked by Beomkyu Koh on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by Pascal Irrle

Hi, all.


I started developing with FRDM-KL05Z using TSS. I did some tutorials, but failed to integrate FreeMaster with codewarrior project.

My development environments are following.

     Windows 7

     CodeWarrior 10.6

     TSS 3.1

     FreeMASTER 1.4

     FRDM-KL05Z (KL05 series development board).


1. I made project with ProcessorExpert (PE) at CodeWarrior.

2. Add TSS_Library to Components list in PE.

3. Enable Integrate FreeMASTER at TSS_Library component properties, and change other proper options.

4. Generate Processor Expert Code.


However, here, Initialize FreeMASTER shows "ERROR: Error in the inherited component settings.

So, I can't generate code integrated with FreeMASTER. I succeeded TSS example without FreeMASTER.


What's the problem? Any advice will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.