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Linux shutdown and wake up using PMIC PO

Question asked by S M on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Yixing Kong

I have a doubt regarding the wake up and shutdown of i.MX6.

    In my scenario, some input signals are ORed and given to the PMIC PWRON input. So while i.MX6 is in shutdown state if any of the input signals gets active, the system boots and that is the expected behavior.

I am using the shutdown command of Linux (shutdown -h -P now). So my problem is, I give a shutdown command, then system do all the shutdown activities(takes around 10 sec) during that time if any of the inputs to PMIC PWRON input goes active, the i.MX6 goes to shutdown(but LEDs used for system power remains ON) and it will not comes out of shutdown without a power cycling(PMIC is still in ON condition even after Linux shutdowns).

i.e., While issueing shutdown command or after issuing shutdown command if input to PMIC PWRON is active, the system shutdownsand  cannot capture an event to wake up. Is there any way to overcome this.