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Using EWL with the GNU toolchain for QorIQ P2

Question asked by azdem on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by Yiping Wang

Hi dear SW experts,


regarding our project requirements, we need to use the GNU toolchain for a bare metal embedded design with QorIQ P2010.

However, for a simple Hello World application with printf(), the code size is over 3 MB, if generated by the GNU toolchain from the latest Linux SDK version v1.5 (powerpc-fsl_networking-linux-gnuspe-*).

On the other hand, if the same code/functionality gets built on CW for PA 10.3.3. using the EWL it is around 150KB. As far as I understand the cause of the difference is that, the GNU toolchain uses an inefficient generic libc, which is not thought for bare metal embedded applications.

So, I would like to use the EWL. Am I allowed to use the EWL with GNU toolchain? How can I use it? Has anyone tried that?

For example, the inline assembly notations seem to be different, so that the CW generated init files do not work with GCC right away. What other kinds of incompatibility issues may I have? 


Best regards