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MP3 playback problem on imx6sabresd in Yocto build

Question asked by Suman Ranjan on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hi All,

We are using Yocto build system for IMX6 platform and testing on imx6sabresd Quad Core board. Image is built using 'bitbake fsl-image-gui' and we are able to run Audio/Video test using the default QT application i.e. default built image.

However, when we try to play MP3 file it fails with following error. Is there some problem with 'beepdec' in this particular release. MP4 video files (h264+aac) does not give any issue.

root@imx6:~# gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///home/root/I_know_it.mp3

Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...

BLN_MAD-MMCODECS_MP3D_ARM_02.13.00_CORTEX-A8  build on Dec  5 2012 09:45:19.

MFW_GST_MP3_DECODER_PLUGIN 3.0.5 build on Feb 18 2014 18:23:01.

Pipeline is PREROLLING ...

Caught SIGSEGV accessing address (nil)

#0  0x4a9817d4 in ?? ()

#1  0x4a9817c4 in ?? ()

#2  0x4a9817c4 in ?? ()

Spinning.  Please run 'gdb gst-launch 2067' to continue debugging, Ctrl-C to quit, or Ctrl-\ to dump core.

^CCaught interrupt -- handling interrupt.

Interrupt: Stopping pipeline ...

ERROR: pipeline doesn't want to preroll.

Setting pipeline to NULL ...




root@imx6:~# gst-launch filesrc location=sample.mp3  typefind=true ! beepdec ! audioconvert  ! 'audio/x-raw-int, channels=2' ! alsasink


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_class_add_pad_template: assertion `GST_IS_PAD_d


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_new_from_template: assertion `GST_IS_PAD_TEMPLATE d


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_setcaps_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)'d


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_chain_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' fd


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_event_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' fd


(gst-launch-0.10:1972): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_add_pad: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed

WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link filesrc0 to beepdec0


GPLAY is also throwing similar error as above.


root@imx6magik2:~# gst-inspect beepdec

(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_class_add_pad_template: assertion `GST_IS_PAD_TEMPLATE (templ)' failed



(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_new_from_template: assertion `GST_IS_PAD_TEMPLATE (templ)' failed



(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_setcaps_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed



(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_chain_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed



(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_set_event_function: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed



(gst-inspect-0.10:2052): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_add_pad: assertion `GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed

Factory Details:

  Long name:    beep audio decoder

  Class:        Codec/Decoder/Audio

  Description:  Decode compressed audio to raw data

  Author(s):    Multimedia Team <>

  Rank:         secondary + 1 (129)



Plugin Details:

  Name:                 beep.imx

  Description:          universal audio codec

  Filename:             /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/

  Version:              3.0.5

  License:              LGPL

  Source module:        gst-fsl-plugins

  Binary package:       Freescle Gstreamer Multimedia Plugins

  Origin URL: 









Pad Templates:

  SRC template: 'src'

    Availability: Always



                  width: { 16, 24, 32 }

                  depth: { 16, 24, 32 }

                   rate: { 7350, 8000, 11025, 12000, 16000, 22050, 24000, 32000, 44100, 48000, 64000, 88200, 96000 }

               channels: [ 1, 8 ]





Element Flags:

  no flags set



Element Implementation:

  Has change_state() function: gst_beepdec_state_change

  Has custom save_thyself() function: gst_element_save_thyself

  Has custom restore_thyself() function: gst_element_restore_thyself



Element has no clocking capabilities.

Element has no indexing capabilities.

Element has no URI handling capabilities.




  SRC: 'src'


      Has custom eventfunc(): gst_pad_event_default

      Has custom queryfunc(): gst_pad_query_default

        Provides query types:

                (2):    duration (Total duration)

      Has custom iterintlinkfunc(): gst_pad_iterate_internal_links_default

      Has getcapsfunc(): gst_pad_get_fixed_caps_func

      Has acceptcapsfunc(): gst_pad_acceptcaps_default

    Pad Template: 'src'



Element Properties:

  name                : The name of the object

                        flags: readable, writable

                        String. Default: "beepdec0"

  resync-threshold    : set threshold for resync timestamp: -1, disable resync

                        flags: readable, writable

                        Integer64. Range: -1 - 9223372036854775807 Default: 2000000000

  reset-when-resync   : enable/disable reset when resync

                        flags: readable, writable

                        Boolean. Default: true

  set-layout          : enable/disable set output channel layout

                        flags: readable, writable

                        Boolean. Default: true