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Which Device/Eval Board (MMA9550 or 9551 EVM) should I use for an application measuring boat surge/sway/heave and roll/pitch/yaw?

Question asked by Stuart Jobbins on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Joshevelle

I want to measure and resolve forces on various parts of a commercial boat, potentially at different points relative to CoG and require to indicate, for example,  'zero-crossing' points for heave (e.g. crest or trough of wave) as well as (eventually) logging parameters for maximum (peak) g exerted on crew compartment in all 3 axes..


I need a low cost method of both prototyping and constructing a product. Would the simplified CodeWarrior set up work with Eval Board kit and allow me to load a small application via USB?


Which part would be best - the 9550 appears to have none of the libraries, but not sure which libraries will apply! Focus will be on cost of final product - so looking for simplest (1-chip) solution that can trigger LEDs or sounders (with addition of appropriate level and power switching added).


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