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Flexcan with Vybrid VF6x and MQX4.1

Question asked by Adrian Verity on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by Adrian Verity

I am trying to use the Flexcan for the BSP_VYBRID_AUTOEVB_A5.

I am using the the MQX 4.1 fsl_flexcan_driver, fsl_flexcan_hal and fsl_flexcan_int files.

The example code does not install the interrupt for the BSP_VYBRID_AUTOEVB_A5.

If I install the flexcan_irq_handler by using the FLEXCAN_Install_isr/FLEXCAN_Int_enable functions it constantly triggers the interrupt function but there are no Flags (IFLAG1 or ESR1) set for the trigger of the interrupt. 

No other code can run as the interrupt is constanly re-executed.

Are there any other triggers for the interrupt I am missing that are not cleared by the irq_handler - or any one any ideas ?


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