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Sabresd Fault (Power socket short)

Question asked by g mcclean on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by g mcclean

My Sabresd board seems to have a short across the power connector.


Looking at the schematic the board is populated with "Option 2" PSU circuitry with support for LiPo batteries. In this design the power socket is connected via a fuse to two MAX8903C chips.


I can power the board via the battery connector (both MAX8903C chips) so I know the main circuitry is fine. The fuse is also fine but I have not been able to find the large value decoupling capacitors C507/C508


Problem is I can't see what is causing the short (nothing gets hot and no component looks damaged).


I suspect a faulty surge protector but I can't find anything relevant on the schematic.


Suggestions or thoughts as I would hate to have to shunt a lot of current through board to see what goes bang.