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Create an PIT Interrupt

Question asked by Pascal Schroeer on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Pascal Schroeer

Hi, I hope anyone can help me....


First of all my facts:

I'm using CW V.1.4 (without PEX), to program a MK20DX128 (50MHz)


I would like to know, how to create an Interrupt request for the PIT0 Module?!

I tried it like this:


Add the ISR Vectro table in kinetis.c with the PIT0_isr at position 46!

Add the prototype of PIT0_isr in kinetis.h


Add the PIT0_init() where I enabled the Timer, the Interrupt function

and all Interrupts with the help of:


#define EnableInterrupts __asm(" CPSIE i");


Well in my opinion it should work... but it doesn't! Where is my fault?

Because there isn't any problem while compilation but although the

PIT Overflow Flag is set, the program doesn't jump into the isr -.-


Thanks a lot and please excuse my poor pronunciation!



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