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S08 programming with P&E Multilink

Question asked by Ascii Dv on Apr 5, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Weiping Xu

Struggling' is how I think best expresses my situation with the s08 and the P&E Multilink!

I know that it my lack of understanding so any guidance would be gratefully received.

I started off with a 'Tower' and successfully developed my programme on it, de-bugged just fine.

Then after building the actual device hardware I come to programme it with the P&E Multilink.

I can programme it once but then more. Future attempts to programme it shows this message;




I guess that I might be setting the FLASH protection byte which is preventing any further operation on the flash memory, but nowhere in my programme do I write explicitly to the flash protection register. In my assembly I include the standard Code warrior supplied 'Include File' which defines the register locations but I cannot see this having content  which would protect the Flash memory.


Having migrated from 6811's and HC08's one of the other things which is new to me (If I have understood this correctly) is that the S08 starts up initially using its own internal oscillator and to use an external crystal you have to set the oscillator enable bits. I couldn't find anywhere a statement of the frequency of the internal oscillator, which I appreciate can be trimmed. What is the default frequency? How stable is it?


Can anyone offer any help?