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How to interface VGA display with imx6 Sabre Ai

Question asked by Ramakrishnan Venkatraman on Apr 6, 2014
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Development Environment


Host - Windows 7, 64 bit

Board - imx6 Sabre AI


Booting Type - SD Card


Things done so far

     1. I have downloaded QNX Neutrinos SDP 6.6 and installed in Windows 7, 64 Bit

     2. Using QNX Momentics to compile and got ifs-mx6x-sabreARD.raw file

     3. Formatted the SD card, Partioned the SD Card, Placed U-Boot and .raw file in the SD Card

     4. Used "HyperTerminal" in Windows host and connected to imx6 Board

     5. imx6 is booting with Qnx Neutrino and is displayed in the HyperTerminal


Things needed to do

     1. I have to interface a display with imx6 and should get an output on the display
     2. I am using HDMI for taking the video output

     3. I have connected HDMI to VGA converter and connected a VGA Monitor.  



     I could not get any display in the VGA Monitor. What should I do to get a display in the VGA Monitor


Thanks in Advance..


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