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Debugger loses target connection

Question asked by Tom Michalski on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by eddie wu

I'm in the process of moving from CW 7.2 to CW 10.5 after years of using 7.2.  I've found there seem to be many ways to break things in CW 10.5 that I've stumbled upon.  I've finally got a project set up the way I'd like and it builds great.  I can use a task to erase and program my target (MCF55258) using a P&E USB-ML-CF Rev D.  The program executes as desired but if I use the Debugger and allow the target to run with no expected breakpoint, the Debugger will fail in about 3 seconds saying it lost its connection with the target.  I know in CW 7.2 I could let it run indefinitely and then break back in and suspend.  Anyone have an idea what I might have done to get this behavior?  (I assume this is an anomaly isn't it?)