Problem with MC9S08AW60 I2C with Built-in vol ctrl Amplifier

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I’m using freescale MC9S08AW32 MCU with i2c port to interface with an NSC LM49270 audio amplifier with built-in vol ctrl. 
I can't seem to see my data being transmited over the scope & couoldnt control the amplifier.

What I’ve done is as follow;
1.                   Pull up both SDA & SCL line.
2.                   code : (which you may ignore the code portion but only the descriptions I left to indicate my process)
;LM49270 Vol Ctrl
i2cvol         bclr   IIC1C_TXAK,IIC1C         ;
               lda    IIC1C
               ora    #$30                     ;start
               sta    IIC1C
               mov    #I2CADR,IIC1D            ;send slave address(W)
               brclr  IIC1S_TCF,IIC1S,*
               brset  IIC1S_RXAK,IIC1S,*       ;wait for ACK from slave           

               lda    I2CDTA                   ;data to be transmited
               sta    IIC1D                    ;send data
               brclr  IIC1S_TCF,IIC1S,*
               brset  IIC1S_RXAK,IIC1S,*       ;wait for ACK from slave
               bclr   IIC1C_MST,IIC1C          ;generate stop

The LM49270 is a write only i2c which it doesn’t’ have a read register for me to read & confirm the data sent.
I've also attached the datasheet as below.
3.            I2C configuration:
               SCL = 25kHz
               SDA Hold time = 10us
               IIC1F = 0x87
               IIC1C = 0x90
Could you please advice & let me know asap.

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