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Unable to Flash the target in TWR-K64F120M

Question asked by daniel mancuso on Apr 3, 2014
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I´m trying to flash the K64 target in the TWR-K64F120M using the P&E Debugger.

I´m using Keil uVision V5. When I try to flash, I get ERROR 18 (see picture below). I can see that the Selected device is not MK64, I´ve tried with different K60 targets, and in the PEMICRO Connection Manager window previous programming, is showed "Target CPU: ARM-Autodetect"

Might be this the issue? Where can I find the right target file?



I´ve checked the installed bootloader app version and seems to be the last one (v1.14):


I´ve also tried with the Toolchain proposed in MCU on Eclipse | Everything on Eclipse, Microcontrollers and Software (Eclipse Kepler + P&E GDB server) and this is the output I get:

P&E Server Error output.png

In the TWR board, I´ve installed J39 (SWD_CLK_TGTMCU), and J10,J15 are in position 2-3 (UART1_TX_K20_EN & UART1_RX_K20_EN connected to the target)


Board serial number: 631879-00873-0214-27943

Schematic rev.: 27943 REV B1


Thanks in advance.


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