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How to make PCIe works on MPC8308?

Question asked by Lei Zhang on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by ufedor

I'm trying to using PCIe on mpc8308,and I have connectted 8308(works in RC mode ) to a PCIe device(FPGA implement a PCIe device works as EP mode).I configured PCIe configuration registers in cpu as the "MPC8308 Reference Manual 14.7.1 Initialization Sequence" said and the link is ok:PEX_LTSSM_STAT's status code is 16.(these code is mainly based on u-boot 's code under mpc8308rdb folder) But I failed when I try to use DMA descrptor send&receive data.Then I read the "PCI Express Slot Status Register",the bit PDS is 0 which means "slot empty".What's more,PEX_WDMA_STAT's value is 0x60 when I start  write DMA .

Now I'm stumble here, have no idea to what to do .Can anybody give me a hand?


ps:I have read the code in linux kernel and uboot,but found nothing