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Linux Kernel Debugging Using USBTAP and Codewarrior Development studio( Classic IDE)

Question asked by Ashish Khetan on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Adrian Stoica
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Adrian-Mihai Stoica

when I run the following command "source ./fsl-setup-poky -h" it shows the following ppc machines supported by this sdk -


Supported ppc machines: b4420qds-64b b4420qds b4860qds-64b b4860qds bsc9131rdb bsc9132qds p1010rdb p1020rdb p1021rdb p1022ds p1023rdb p1025twr p2020ds p2020rdb p2041rdb p3041ds p4080ds p5020ds-64b p5020ds p5040ds-64b p5040ds t4160qds-64b t4160qds t4240qds-64b t4240qds


It clearly shows it does not support MPC8641D machines. So how can I add support for mpc8641d machine in this sdk? or i have to use CodeWarrior IDE?