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MPC 5604 B data logger

Question asked by Jatin Arora on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Tanmayee Sapre

I am working on a data logging project using MPC 5604 B 32 bit uC based on power PC architecture. I am done with the data acquisition part( like interfacing sensors to ADC, eMIOS, etc.), whats left is storing data to uSD card. I cant find any fat library for power PC. Can anyone direct me to the right one.


Also i tried porting SD Card Reader using the S08JM MCU family  fat library to my power pc 32 bit uC and here are the problems I am facing.

1. Re: Problems porting SD FAT to MCF51 JM Badge Board - Datalogger application , this thread is about the problems of above library and the main problem people point at is struct. alignment.

The soln. is to change/set struct. alignment to byte otherwise a particaular routine of fat library (get master block in fat.c) used crashes, and for me the code is stuck up in the same fat library routine(get master block in fat.c) and no file is actually created in SD card, so I assume that this is the problem i am facing.

can anyone guide me how to change struct alignment on codewarrior for power pc and does power pc actually allow the same.

I tried to do it and in struct alignment option of EPPC processor setting in flash settings i get 3 options

a. 64K

b. 64K 4 byte

c. Power pc... when i used anything other than option c, all my peripherals like SIUL and DSPI stop working.


2. The thread also talks about endian support, my uC originally works on Big endian, when i try to change it to little endian in EPPC target settings in flash settings, I recieve an error "cannot mix little and big endian".