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Question asked by Pablo Ramos on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Pablo Ramos

Hello everybody,

I’m working with P2041RDB for performing a multicore bareboard-project and I want to download all the programs to NOR flash memory and boot them.

I have used the Codewarrior wizard to create an AMP project per core.  For the moment I only use core 0 and 1 and I want that core 0 kicks the core 1 program but it does not work.

  • In project core  0, I have add some code in order  to do the boot space translation according to explanation of P2040 Reference Manual. Section 4.3.3. Boot space translation.
  • In project core 1, I have changed the configuration addresses in the file P2041RDB_gcc-eabi_ROM.lcf
  • I have downloaded core 0 program in NOR flash memory sectors 0xEFF00000 to 0xEFFFFFFF
  • I have downloaded core 1 program in the sectors 0xEF820000 to 0xEF91FFFF, in order to fall within the range for the boot window space, assuming that 0xFF…. will be transformed in 0xEF…. For NOR flash memory as it does for core 0.

When I restart the board, core 0 runs correctly but core 1 does not been released.

At this point. I want to know if I am doing a correct boot space translation?

If someone has any idea of these issue please help me. Thanks in advance.